The legal research network – PIM consists of:

Macedonian Society of Penology, Skopje, (, President: Dr Elena Mujoska Trpevska,

The Association for Criminal Law and Criminology of Macedonia, Skopje (, President: prof. Dr Gordana Lazetic

Council for Prevention against Juvenile Delinquency, Kavadarci (, President: prof. Dr Lazar Nanev, judge and

Association for Legal Education and Promotion of Legal Science and Practice JUS ET JUVENTUS, Skopje (, President: Konstantin Bitrakov, MA

Legal Research Network – PIM will be committed to preparing analyzes, research and studies with a primary focus on the rule of law, in the context of legal reform and legal practice, promoting the principle of access to justice for all without discrimination, through education and networking, and in the spirit of European Union standards and international standards.