The protégés of the Tetovo Correctional Facility are getting a new home – from the Ohrid juvenile prison, they will be able to start moving as early as Monday (1 June 2020). The educational correctional facility has a capacity of 110 people. The total net area of ​​the buildings is about 3500 m2.
First of all, the construction of the new home is important in terms of the fact that this is a completely new educational-correctional facility with the construction of which the long-standing 19-year-old problem for the accommodation of juveniles who have been sentenced to correctional measures has been permanently resolved.

The new correctional facility has created all the conditions for meeting the international standards for functioning, operation and implementation of the correctional process with full respect for the rights of children.

The total value of the construction is 253,582,000.00 denars, and three accommodation facilities have been built in open wards and wards for enhanced supervision, with a net area of ​​1,920 m2.

In addition to the accommodation facilities, an Administrative block with a net area of ​​1,603 m2 has been built, which includes the reception department, visiting the department, general medicine and dentistry clinic, kitchen, dining room, laundry, educational department, several dedicated sports hall and administrative part for employees. in the institution.
A facility with two workshops and garages has been built for the employment of protégés.

The educational and correctional facility is a closed complex with an area of ​​about 16,000 m2, fenced with a safety wire fence, promenades, with a sports field for basketball, indoor soccer and handball.

In addition to the construction of the correctional facility “Tetovo”, the Administration for Execution of Sanctions during this month successfully completed the reconstruction of the Prison “Bitola”, but also the construction of a new courtroom within the CPD “Idrizovo”.

We wish you successful re-socialization!