The Macedonian Society of Penology signed Memorandum of Understanding with HELP within the programme “Support to socio-economic stability in the western Balkans region2019-2020” in particular in reference to the project Improvement of the treatment programmes in correctional institutions penitentiary institutions and correctional-educational institutions financed by the German Government and implemented by Help.

The Programme is of the regional character and the cooperation between the signatories is based on the activities within the programme component aimed at improvement of the treatment programs in correctional institutions for adults and juveniles in the Republic of North Macedonia.

The aim is to support institutions to implement COVID-19 protection measures through the delivery of communications devices, tablets and internet connections as an alternative communication channel, enabling family visits at the times visits are prohibited, as emergencies and similar situations as well as through the delivery of protective masks for the institutions within the structure of the Directorate for the execution of sanctions.

The main activities include the following:

  • Purchase and distribution of FFP2 masks and
  • Purchase and distribution of tablets for ensuring alternative communication channel with family members.

The assistance will be provided for the beneficiaries of the following institutions:

  1. Penitentiary facility Idrizovo with an open ward in Veles
  2. Penitentiary facility Stip
  3. Ohrid prison (juvenile prison) / Educational – correctional institution Tetovo

The project will be implemented in the period from June until December 2020.

In addition, Help’s activities in the countries of the region:

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