Over 80 civil society organizations took advantage of Saturday’s sunny day. They presented their associations to the citizens in the City Park around Shkolka as part of the Civica Mobilitas Festival, “Civil Society Day”. This year the festival was held in conditions of a pandemic, and at the same time, it celebrated the successes and the answer given by the organizations in dealing with it. As the Ambassador of Switzerland, H.E. Sibil Suter Tejada, this day and the Civica Mobility Festival is an example of how, despite the record 86 civil society organizations, it is possible to observe safety measures while showing the work and activities of civil society organizations.

The program, as in any previous year, consisted of numerous and varied activities. The organizations drew the attention of passers-by through quizzes, games, workshops, exhibitions, drama performances and video screenings. Citizens had the opportunity to learn about how to become more responsible in the use of natural resources, how to become donors and contribute to their local communities, where they can seek more information about the different forms of human trafficking, which can give them free legal tips with whom to discuss mental health and get tested for HIV and get immediate results.

This year, the CSO Festival coincided with World Poverty Day, with several charities taking action to collect and distribute food items and clothing to those most in need. Inevitably, the main theme of this year’s Festival was dealing with the pandemic, but at the same time celebrating those who were among the first to go out on the field to help, those who helped create measures to overcome the pandemic more successfully and those who always put them in the foreground. have the needs of their communities.

Macedonian Society of Penoloy got an action grant (CM-AKT-05) with the project “Prevention of juvenile delinquency” from June 2020 – November 2021.

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