The state of emergency in the country did not affect the process of evaluation of the submitted applications for the Call for Proposals for Action Grants (CM-ACT-05). The Grant Selection Committee electronically evaluated the submissions, after which 12 organizations were awarded the grants, namely:

  • Balkan Institute for Regional Cooperation Tetovo with the project “Sharr Mountain- the last dam against environmental disaster”
  • Macedonian Society of Penology with the project “Prevention of juvenile delinquency”;
  • Economic Research & Policy Institute “Finance Think” – Skopje with the project “Interactive and multi-stakeholder mechanism for tracking fulfilment of economy-related political promises”;
  • Association for research and analysis ZMAI with the project “Public policy center”;
  • Peace Action Prilep with the project ”Interpretation of the mutual history of modern time”;
  • Humanitarian and Charitable Roma Association „Mesecina“ – Gostivar with the project “Registry yourself – be visible!”;
  • Macedonian Institute for Media with the project “Partnership, Advocacy and Communication for Efficient inclusion of People with Disability”;
  • Macedonia 2025 with the project “Towards decreased bureaucracy burden”;
  • Association for clean environment “Let’s do it Macedonia” with the project “Sustainable food rescue network”;
  • Center for Climate Change Gevgelija with the project “Citizens platform for following the EU negotiation for chapter 27”;
  • Tiiiit! Inc. – Skopje with the project “End menstrual poverty – Advocacy towards ending menstrual poverty”;
  • Humanitarian Association for help and “support of people with special needs “Bravura Cooperativa Delcevo with the project “Inclusive Bridge 18”.

The new grantees will intervene in 10 different sectors such as good governance, employment, youth, environment, people with disabilities, interethnic relations, accountability, corporate relations, civil society development and gender issues. The supported actions are mainly going to be implemented on a national scale, while two of them will be carried out on a regional level. The grantees are coming from five different regions.

The Call for Proposals was opened until March 3, 2020 and 109 CSOs submitted their grant applications.

The SDC’s programme Civica Mobilitas, implemented by NIRAS (Denmark), MCIC (North Macedonia) and FCG (Sweden) began in January 2019 and will last until the end of 2022. The budget of the programme amounts to approximately 6 million Swiss Francs.