From the data obtained from the Inter-Municipal Center for Social Work in Skopje, with special emphasis on three municipalities (Aerodrom, Saraj and Shuto Orizari), the situation with juvenile delinquency (misdemeanours and crimes), for the period from 2017 to June 2020, is shown in the published infographic.

The data show a rapid increase in juvenile delinquency in 2020 when, despite the pandemic conditions, the total number is higher than for the whole of 2019. From the explanation received from the PI MCIC Skopje, this increase in the forms of juvenile delinquency, which includes children at risk and children in conflict with the law, is due to the increased offences about non-compliance with a curfew.

The three municipalities, which according to the project team, were selected for risk factor analysis, participate with more than one third in the total juvenile delinquency in the period 2017-2019, i.e. with as much as half of the total cases in the city of Skopje for 2020, which speaks of the relevance of the selection of the mentioned municipalities from the aspect of the existence of cases which with a detailed analysis can lead to reasoned observations due to which the risk factors for the occurrence of juvenile delinquency are due.