Primary schools are crucial when it comes to risk factors that influence violence among children.
The announcement processes data from the Special Report from the conducted research on violence between students in primary schools – peer violence, published by the Ombudsman in October 2019.

The Special Report as a motive for the conducted research indicates that the Ombudsman took into account the findings from the practical work that violent behaviour among students is often present, but also that the problem of violent behaviour is ignored, unfortunately often seen as a “child’s play” “, Where the solution is most often sought in hiring professional security agencies that” guard “the school, and much less in preventive activities (talking about different topics, support and education for respect for diversity, non-violent communication, etc.), as well as advising parents and students on non-violent behaviour.

For more information about the violence in the primary schools in the Skopje, Southwest, Vardar and Polog planning region, click on the link in the bio that leads to the published analysis of the risk factors for juvenile delinquency part of the project “Prevention of juvenile delinquency” financially supported by the Civica program Mobilitas.