In 2019, a total of 640 crimes committed by 1,085 children were recorded. It is worrying that most children participate in the commission of one crime because the number of perpetrators is almost twice as many as the number of crimes committed.

The share of juvenile delinquency in total crime is about 2.7%, which is slightly below the average.

Most of the children commit property crimes (479 crimes), and there are also acts with an element and violence – three attempted murders, 16 grievous bodily harm and 25 robberies. Children also appear as perpetrators of crimes in other areas, such as illicit trafficking (40 crimes), economic crime (five crimes) and organized crime (six crimes).

For more information about crimes committed by children, click on the link that leads to the published analysis of risk factors for juvenile delinquency part of the project “Prevention of juvenile delinquency” financially supported by the Civica Mobilitas program.