CSW Ohrid cooperates with institutions such as the Ministry of Interior, schools, media center, basic court, for data collection, through conversation and consultations.

SWC Ohrid prepares quarterly reports on the situation of children at risk and submits them to the Office for Social Activities – Skopje.

From the data obtained from the SWC Ohrid, the infographic you see has been made and based on this it can be concluded that:

The number of children at risk for the period from 2018 to 2020 is declining, which is shown in the table, ie the number of children at risk in 2018 was 46, in 2019 is 28, while in 2020 it is 20.

Regarding the gender representation, most of the children at risk are male, ie for 2018 86.9% males, in 2019 57% males, while for 2020 we have 80% males.

In terms of ethnicity, Macedonians are dominant, and other ethnic groups are represented: Turks, Egyptians, Roma and Albanians.