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Macedonian Society of Penology

The Macedonian Society of Penology is a non-governmental, non-partisan and nonprofit organization which is composed of experts strictly and which deals with penology or, more precisely, the penal science advancement in the Republic of Macedonia.

Its founders are several eminent jurists – scientists and practitioners – experts in different legal areas.

In times when the state penitentiary system is remarkably eroded, the Macedonian Society of Penology reflects the strive for improvement in terms of the way convicts are treated in abstracto, their resocialization and social inclusion, as well as the legal framework as a whole. The main characteristic of the Macedonian Society of Penology is the utilization of its diversity. Namely, we find that having members with different educational and professional background is not a weakness but rather an asset, one that enables us to express our socially-responsible role more vividly, as well as to organize all our events, research projects, etc. with excellence. Thus, we constantly strive to comprehend our vital role in the Macedonian civil society sector.

In accomplishing the mission of Macedonian Society of Penology, our long-term goals include the development of the concept of re-socialization of convicted persons, monitoring of the system for executing sanctions and its functioning in practice, observing the special vulnerable categories of persons under the sanctions regime, in the penal, analysis, evaluation and advancement of the legislative framework of the system of execution of sanctions etc.

Our vision is “A society of justice and integrity for all”

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