The resocialization programme aims to improve the execution of the criminal sanctions system and post-penal treatment for the successful re-socialization and reintegration of the former convicts into the society through realization of specific professional training and education of convicts to obtain certified knowledge and skills thus creating possibilities for the appropriate work engagement of convicts during the execution of sentence and successful reintegration into society after serving the sentence time.

The programme focuses on providing strong educational, direct economic and psychosocial support to marginalized population/convicts and former convicts, thus contributing to sustainable socio-economic development and stability.

Help’s resocialization programme aims at creating working conditions and increasing the working engagement of prisoners by equipping them with workshops. The market needs products up to date with technological progress, and Help is equipping the workshops with adequate and modern equipment. The delivered equipment improved and increased production in terms of range, and quality, enabling more professional production and cooperation with serious buyers.

Within the treatment program, special emphasis is placed on the acquisition, development and preservation of work habits, engagement of convicts and vocational education. By getting engaged in the production process with the donated equipment, convicts gain actual skills that respond to the needs of current technology.

The activities are as follows:

  • specification of the equipment
  • tendering and purchase of the equipment
  • engagement of the convicts and work on the distributed equipment
  • selection of the convicts interested in different vocational and specialized programs
  • implementation of the trainings
  • raising awareness activities including promotion and sharing successful examples of the resocialization programme
  • monitoring and follow up

All the activities will be performed as direct support to the implementation of a range of treatment programs (educational, vocational training programs, learning social skills, etc.) aimed at preserving the  mental  and  physical  health  convicted  during  the  execution  of  punishment, behaviour change, training, preparation for reintegration of convicts. The work of the convicted persons is considered an important and integral part of the treatment procedure of the convicts. The aim is to gain, maintain and increase the work skills and abilities of the convicted persons during the serving of the sentence.  Convicted persons acquire professional skills and knowledge, receive certificates, and through direct engagement and continuous work gain and improve practical knowledge and skills. 

Estimated value of the equipment for workshops is 80.000,00€.

Participation of the Directorate for execution of sanctions is 30% of the stated amount.